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Al-Bared on 18/6 – perspective of its residents

June 19, 2012

The funeral of 16 year old child, Ahmad Kassem, who was shot by the Lebanese army, ended up (according to a phone call received just few minutes before the network was interrupted) becoming a clash with the army with a total of 25 wounded (some of them in critical condition).

The hospital of Badawi is unable to receive many of the conditions as it is lacking the proper medical  equipment.

Since official statements are expected to deviate from reality, we explain the story as we receive it (the story will be later supported by videos taken during the events).

The army eased restrictions on check points, allowing a large number of people to enter the camp to join the funeral coming from Badawi. In fact, news was received that the army would allow people to enter Nahr el Bared to give their condolences. (more…)

وثائقي جديد من A-Films: “حواجز وأكثر”

March 16, 2010

نشرت مدونة A-Films نهار الأمس وثائقي قصير يتناول، في ثلاثين دقيقة، تأثير الحواجز والحصار الأمني لمخيم نهر البارد على إقتصاد المخيم. من خلال عدة مقابلات مع تجار و سكان من المخيم، ومسؤلين من الأنروا، وباحثين، يعرض وثائقي “حواجز وأكثر” الدور الأساسي الذي تلعبه حالة الحصار هذه في منع المخيم من العودة إلى حياته الطبيعية، وكيف تشكل الحواجز الأمنية حواجزاً إقتصادية وإجتماعية.