Free the refugees of Nahr al Bared

Al Jazeera – Opinion

Marcy Newman – 27/06/2012


Last week at a candlelight vigil in Baddawi refugee camp for the martyrs and injured in Nahr el Bared refugee camp, signs posted on the school wall asked: why after five years was Nahr el Bared still a closed military zone?

For the last five years, all entrances of Nahr el Bared have remained encircled by the Lebanese army. It has remained that way since the army’s war on the camp in 2007 making it into a closed military zone. In addition to the checkpoints, walls, and barbed wire, the army commandeered all the homes surrounding the periphery of the camp, in addition to those homes straddling the border between the old and new sections of the camp. Those wishing to visit friends in the camp must obtain permission from the army (and those who are American citizens must wait for the army to clear it with the American embassy first). Palestinians from other camps, including those who lived in Nahr el Bared prior to the army’s bombardment, also are prevented from visiting the camp. Thus, people in other camps cannot visit their relatives and friends in Nahr el Bared without prior permission from the army. >>Read more

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