International Federation for Human Rights issues a statement against the last and longer arrest in Nahr el Bared camp

The International Federation for Human Rights issued a statement against the last and longer known arrest in Nahr el Bared camp by the Lebanese army intelligence on 27 November for five days, in a series of arrests in the last months against human rights defenders.  

The international HR organization criticized the detention of Hatem Moqdadi,  Nahr el Bared coordinator of the Palestinian Huam Rights Organization, from 27 November till 1 December, where the Lebanese army intelligence threatened him with torture also, the international organization reported on Thursday.

The statement mentioned also the alleged attempt by the army intelligence to get the keys to Nahr el Bared’s office for the Palestinian Human Rights Organization. Officials in in PHRO received calls by unidentified speaker asking them to submit keys of their offices to the army intelligence.

This is the forth known detention in the last three months against human rights defenders by the Lebanese army intelligence in Nahr el Bared Palestinian camp, North Lebanon. 

Different human rights reports mentioned violations of human rights in Nahr el Bared. Lately, Norway asked the Lebanese government to stop special security permits imposed on the camp’s residents. The government refused. The Lebanese government justifies its measures by “threats of terrorism”.

The battle between the Lebanese army and Fateh el Islam ended before more than three years, resulting in the death of more than 45 Palestinian civilians, around 170 Lebanese army soldiers and unknown number of Fateh el Islam fighters. 

 The special security permits apply also to the journalists and humanitarian workers.


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