A new report on the reconstruction of Nahr el Bared

The Electronic Intifada published on Wednesday a report highlighting new issues on the reconstruction of Nahr el Bared and the security measures in both the “old” and “new” parts of the Palestinian refugee camp.

The report, by Ray Smith, highlighted some issues in the “New” camp where the governmental advisory Sateh Arnaout still insists on a “legal approach” in the reconstruction of the new camp.

This approach could hinder the reconstruction because of the discrimination in the Lebanese Law against Palestinian ownership, in addition to other obstacles, the report says. However, a planner suggests an exit by following similar reconstruction scenarios as those in post-July 2006 war.

The report discusses also the lack of political partnership between the PLO and the Lebanese government in Nahr el Bared.  Quoting the PLO representative in NBC Marwan Abdel Al. Similarly, the report points out to the withdrawal of UNRWA from its responsibilities in the New Camp, hence breaching the agreement of Vienna Conference.

Norway asked the Lebanese government to stop the security permits policy imposed on inhabitants of the camp, in addition to UNHCR condemnation to the Lebanese official policy concerning human rights in Nahr el Bared, says the report.

The article finally summarizes some recent detention cases in Nahrl el Bared.


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