“Severe funding crisis at Nahr al-Bared camp” & Guinness World Records of governmetal obstacles!

An update of Nahr el Bared reconstruction appeard yesterday Saturday 23 Oct. by the Daily Star, quoting official UNRWA, Lebanese and Palestinian views.

The article stresses on the need by Arab Gulf states to fulfill their promised funding for the reconstruction of the “old camp”, and paying emergency rent payments for the displaced inhabitants. It also discusses the effect of the military security measures on the post-war recovery of the camp.

Still, the “new camp” lacks coverage in media, especially in relation to obstacles of reconstruction, and more importantly the huge obstacles in the “new camp” where the totally demolished buildings still have no mechanism or horizon for reconstruction since more than three years.

These obstacles are mainly because of Lebanese governmental obstacles that stress on the “legal approach”, amid hostile political landscape by some Lebanese politicians. The argument neglects different facts. First, it is a post-war emergency condition paralleling the post June 2006 war in Lebanon. Second, Palestinians are excluded from basic rights in laws including the legal ownership of their own houses in the “new camp”.

Meanwhile, the article quotes Sateh Arnaout, the Prime Minister’s chief technical adviser, saying that through demonstrating tangible progress on the ground the government then pushes for new monetary contributions.

Is the real case the opposite?

The governmental obstacles, led by the same article’s mentioned advisory office, form a huge list that could easily compete in Guinness World Records‏ of the number of governmental obstacles. The government has been delaying reconstruction either in the “old” or “new” camp.

Read the article


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